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Deploy a PHP app on drie

Quickstart on how to run a simple PHP app on the drie platform.

This tutorial assumes that you have installed and configured:

  • PHP
  • PHP Composer - for PHP dependencies
  • *AMP server - a LAMP, WAMP, MAMP server to test your changes locally
  • drie CLI

1. Get the PHP drie starter app

Download the PHP drie Starter App. It has all the drie-specific files you need to add in order to properly deploy an app on drie (.buildpacks, Procfile)

$ git clone https://github.com/mraym/php-drie-starter-app.git 	# or clone your own fork

2. Make changes and add dependencies to your app

Depending on your operating system, you need to make and test your changes on your local *AMP server.

$ cd php-drie-starter-app
$ composer update							# This command reads in the dependencies defined in composer.json and updates command.lock, which drie needs to build your app properly
$ git commit -am composer* 		# Need to commit both composer files
$ git push										# Push the changes to your repo

3. Add and Deploy the app on drie

$ drie app add UNIQUE_APP_NAME	# adds the app to drie with a unique name
$ drie app deploy 							# deploys the app on drie 
$ drie app scale 1							# starts the app scaled to 1 instance

At the moment, you will have to periodically run 'drie app show' on the deploy and scale commands and wait for the status to change from 'deploying' to 'deployed'.

4. Confirm that your app is running on drie

drie app show
App php-drie-starter-app
status: deployed
id: f363ce17-5792-4a7b-a88b-ee1d08c3e302
deployed commit: 26c1aea9e69721bea3ecab84f969d89eb09cdd73
build repo: git@github.com:mraym/php-drie-starter-app.git

web address

1 web


After a while, the status of your app will be 'deployed' and the web address will become available: http://web_UNIQUE_APP_NAME.app.drie.co.
Congratulations! Your PHP app is now deployed on drie!

Deploy a PHP app on drie

Quickstart on how to run a simple PHP app on the drie platform.